Callaway Golf Warbird Plus Golf Balls

Posted Jan 1 by Peter

Golf Down Swing

The downswing is essential in any golf game and you need to be able to control it properly in order to get the ball as far into the distance as you can.

When looking at how to improve your golf game there are a number of things which you can do to make things easier for yourself. The downswing is one thing which you can improve upon and generally it is one of the most important aspects of any golf game.

Why the Downswing is so important?

Generally the downswing is the one thing which many golfers are confused about.You can find more about teak glider base resource on teak glider base at his website. There are so many different pieces of advice scattered around the Internet claiming that the backswing is the most important thing to focus on when it really isnít. So now golfers spend most of their time worrying about how they are doing their backswing and how they can improve upon it.

A downswing is usually performed by most golfers by them turning their shoulders and swinging the club across where the ball is intended to go. This means that their shoulders are usually open when they make the impact. Now ideally in order to have the best downswing, you need to have your shoulders straight when you do have impact with the ball. Once you have made sure that you do follow a straight line you have to then ensure that you do not deviate. If you cause your club to curve off then you will notice that the ball also curves off and you will end up hitting it into woods.

Another pointer to keep in mind is that when you do hit the ball it should be as powerful as possible. This is so that the ball obviously goes for longer and it will help you to finish the game in fewer strokes. To maximize your flight time you will need to ensure that your shoulders are square at the moment of impact and then you need to follow it through to make sure that the ball goes in a straight line.

You may notice that often your shots are a little weaker than they should be. There is a reason for this and even the main pro golfers make this mistake at least once in their career. It is when you put all of your strength into your right hand only. This means that your right hand basically dominates your left hand and you end up practically throwing the club head forward as you swing and this completely destroys the club line which therefore ends in a weak shot.

Callaway Golf Warbird Plus Golf Balls (12-Pack)

Callaway's new Warbird Plus golf ball has replaced traditional dimples in favor of patented HEX Aerodynamics. With the addition of a high-powered core, it becomes the longest Warbird the company's ever made, and a durable Ionomer cover provides long-lasting playability while helping increase the deep distance this ball consistently delivers.

Performance golf ball with new, high power core; high resiliency rubber formulation provides maximum distance with softer feel than previous generation

Durable ionomer cover design generates long drives and provides even longer playability

Unique HEX aerodynamics replaces conventional dimples to reduce drag and promote stronger, more penetrating ball flight that cuts through the air

Two-piece construction, 1.68-inch ball, 45.6-gram weight, 0.56-inch thick ionomer cover, HEX aerodynamics with 32 geometries, and 1.57-inch diameter polybutadiene core

Includes limited two-year manufacturer's warranty

For 25 years, Callaway Golf has helped countless golfers experience the sweet sensation of striking the ball perfectly, more often. Every day, Callaway works to find new ways to deliver that ideal moment. The company's founder, Ely Callaway, understood that in the heart of every golfer lies the desire to achieve the pure shot, and that's why he built a company based on that very philosophy. An entrepreneur and former winemaker, Ely brought big thinkers and big technology to an ancient game, challenging the status quo along the way. The company's product line has grown over the years to include the original Big Bertha driver, HEX-patterned Golf Balls, Fusion Technology, and the game's best-selling brand of irons. Get your own TaylorMade Targa Glove today!