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Posted Jan 21 by Peter

Balancing Health With Game Of Golf

There are many sports that anyone can take part in terms of health benefits and one of them will be Golf. If you are a golfer, you will understand those benefits we are talking about. For those who are wanting or just getting started with Golf, you will definitely want to know that it is a good sport where it helps a person to understand the importance of balancing.

For every Golf swing you made, it requires 100% perfect posture to deliver hole-in-one. So, you will learn how to stand in the correct posture which benefit your overall health as it prevents aches and pains when one is not standing in the right posture.

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TaylorMade Targa Glove

When it comes to Golf Sports, one should never go without a good handy Golf Gloves that should be TaylorMade Targa Glove as it provides you with the best grip and control when making that perfect swing. It might be one of those days where you will get Hole-In-One using this gloves. It provides you with Thin AAA Cabretta leather for Tour feel. It comes with the Patent pending micro-perforated leather construction to increase airlow throughout the hand and allow for 360 degree ventilation. What we prefer is the Performance Lycra in key areas for flexibility.

Let's read about what Anthony Manchester who had bought this gloves has to say about:

One of the best golf gloves I have ever owned and I have owned A LOT!! The quality is excellent! I have used it about 5 times and there is nothing black left on my fingers and I was playing in 80 degree weather. It is a little thicker than most gloves so you can feel the quality. It was a tad snug at first but after the first use it stretched perfectly. I plan on buying it again after the one I have wears. I assume it will take a while. If you are a fan of TaylorMade then get this glove. You will love it!

T. Cramer also bought the same gloves and let's hear what he had said in his review:

I had been using the same glove that was handed down to me years ago, but it finally got so thin I needed a new one. I went to Dick's and spent probably an hour trying on all the gloves and came away with this one feeling of the highest quality with the most comfortable and natural fit. The Lycra in 'key areas' definitely contributes to this glove feeling so natural. I wear an XL and this was perfect.

Now I'm not a pro by any means, but I have used this glove on several visits to the driving range firing off about a 100 balls each time. I've also used it for 2 18-hole rounds: one on a cool wet day and one on very warm and sunny day. The glove is still like new and my hand does not get hot at all. The ventilation is very effective on this and even on the wet day, I was able to maintain great grip. The Velcro is very strong and holds well, yet is easy to tighten just right and to remove.

Overall I can highly recommend this glove, especially considering the good price compared to some of the other `high-end' gloves out there. The only possible drawback is it does not have an attached marker, but from my shopping it looks like that is the case with many gloves these days. This one is perfect for my needs and to top it off, I think it looks quite sharp.

Get your own TaylorMade Targa Glove today!