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How to Hold a Golf Club Properly - Holding Your Gold Club Correctly Will Improve Your Swing

As you may know, it is now springtime; this is the perfect time to take out your golf clubs and start swinging them. One thing that you can be sure of is that this season is a completely new season, a fresh start for you to play.

The most important factor of golf is how you hold the golf club. Remember when you are trying out different hand positions that you should never hold a golf club the "proper" way if it means it will cause you discomfort. You should start by holding the golf club face open to the ball. If you are a righty, place your left hand on the club first and grip it with a moderate grip. Make sure that there is enough room at the top of the club so that you can place your right hand on. Once you have the club with your left hand, place your right hand on the club and make sure that your pinky, middle, and ring fingers cover the thumb of your left hand. If you are a lefty, simply switch hands.

Make sure that when you swing the golf club you have minimal movement in your wrists. To prevent any unwanted wrist movement, point your left thumb down the shaft of the golf club. Try swinging a couple of times to make sure that your wrists are locked.

Many people play with a golf glove for the mere fact that it will give you a bit of an edge; not to mention it prevents your hands from getting sore and ripped up. A golf glove will help to increase your grip and let you figure out the most comfortable position to hold the club. Always make sure that you are holding the club properly and your game will improve dramatically.

Another tip I can give you is make sure that the clubs you play with are the right size for you. To test this, stand the club straight up and down; it should come up to your waist. Remember to always keep your head down when swinging at the ball or you will have a horrible shot each time.

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