Intech Golf 2 3/4" Tee

Posted Jan 4 by Peter

Golf Putters

Most games are all about getting the highest score and waving the flag of victory. Golf, on the other hand, has the best players striving to brag about their low scores. The game may be different, but the competitive spirit is just as strong.

There's more to lowering your golf score than just working hard. You need the drive and desire to improve your game, and you need to commit the time and energy into practicing to achieve your perfect swing. If you really have the desire to improve and you've established a plan of action, you will become a better golfer. The results will be evident on the golf course and on the score card.

Put Your Mind to It

A really good golfer will be able to effectively combine mental skill with athletic ability. After all, golf truly is a game of wits. When you are able to improve your feelings and perceptions of the sport, your personal game will improve and you'll be able to lower the scores on your card. Evolving into a better player starts with having a positive attitude.

Practice What You Putt

Avid golfers will tell you that any time is the perfect time to putt. Take the time to practice whenever you have a spare moment. Pick up a portable putting green and practice your putt at home and at the office. Take the kids for a game of mini-putt. With repeat practice you'll be able to gain control over your putter and, ultimately, control over the ball. Extra efforts today will bring improved skills that you'll appreciate over time. Practice whenever, and wherever, you can.

Get in Touch with Your Turf

Your knowledge of the terrain can make or break your game. Know the greens, the traps and the fairways. Play with different clubs until you're sure which ones work best in each situation. Be ready for any situation and you will be able to overcome any challenges that come your way. Understand the green and you'll be on top of your game.

Listen to Criticism

You will always meet golfers that have a little more experience. If you're lucky, he or she will offer to share that hard-earned knowledge with you. It's important that you're able to recognize your own shortcomings, accept criticism and embrace the opinions that are offered to you. Improving your weak areas is often the only way to better your game and lower your golf score. Accept advice from other golfers and use it whenever you can. They've learned their lessons the hard way, and can offer valuable information to solve your problems and give you a professional edge.

Intech Golf 2 3/4" Tee (100 Pack)

High quality wooden golf tees & Designed for your demanding golf needs.


One Year Limited From Verified Date of Purchase By Ultimate Customer

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While ordering golf balls I decided to pick up some tees. These tees are very good and perfect for the oversized drivers of today. I recomend them to my friends...The composition & strenght of the tees is good. I personaly perfer the white but the natural is of the same quality.

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