SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

Posted Jan 7 by Peter

Golf Training

Golf instruction will get beginners off on the right foot so they feel comfortable on the links with more experienced golfers. There are rules and regulations that all golfers should know so they do not annoy the other golfers on the course.

One of the things that the beginner will learn from getting golf instruction is what is expected of all of the people that share the many courses around the world. The beginner golf instruction will also help them to understand how the different types of clubs are used on the course. The golf instructor will teach them the proper use these different club types.

There are several different types of clubs that are used to play a game of golf, and these clubs are used for different purposes. Golfers start each game with their woods, and golf instruction will help the beginners use these clubs. The instruction should help the beginners get a long, straight drive from the tee.

After the players are out on the course, the lessons they learned should help them use the different clubs. With some luck the beginners will not hit into the the hazards on the course, but more than likely each golfer will end up in a sand trap or the rough sooner or later.Good golf lessons will help the golfers when they are in trouble. Finally, good golf instruction will help beginners learn how to putt once they are on the greens.

Beginners Are Not The Only Ones That Use Golf Instruction

Any golfer that is looking to improve should take some lessons, they are not just for beginners only. The pros know it is wise to get some instruction when they are having a problem some aspect of their game.

Professional golfers that hit the ball from the tee with perfection only to see their score fall prey to some sort of putting problem, will often seek some instruction from other expert golfers to help them isolate the source of their putting delema. The reason for this is that another pro watching this golfer in action is able to pick up on what is happenning, and provide some feedback on how to correct the problem.

SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

Adjustable handle for multiple pushing positoons.

* Light weight - less than 12.2 lbs

* Umbrella holder, mesh net and beverage holder included

* Patented push to brake/push to release foot brake

* Front wheel alignment mechanism build in

* Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Here is what goinggone14 who purchased it has to say about it:

I'll start by saying that I have had several push/pull carts that did not live up to expectations. Whether it was broken straps, crooked wheel alignment, or even just carts that don't fit my equipment. CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe has none of these problems, and it's a steal compared to retail store prices.

It has a solid steel frame, and very sturdy plastic bag holders with tether cords to strap your clubs in. The handle has an adjustable angle which is nice for people of different heights. The break works (maybe too well if your forget it's on!) and I've been out for about 20 rounds without any wheel alignment problems. The ball/scorecard holder are pretty standard, no issues.

Assembly is a piece of cake, but this can be a little heavy for lifting in and out of the car for young kids, senior citizens, and some smaller women. Everyone else should have no problem, and the folded size fits perfectly in any trunk (I have a Honda Civic and it fits with my bag).

The biggest perk about this cart is that any bag will fit. Cart bags, stand bags, and tour bags all have plenty of room in the adjustable bag holders. My last cart didn't have room for the built-in legs of my stand bag which made it rotate on every hill. No problems on CaddyTek's cart!

Definitely buy this on if it's around the price range of other carts you're shopping.

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